How to prepare your property for a real estate listing

If you want to sell your property for top price and quickly, then a great photo shoot will help get the buyers in the door. We have 7 tips on how to prepare your property for a real estate listing.

Selling your property is much easier when your house is looking its best. Your property’s online listing photographs will either open the door to a multitude of interested parties or remain firmly closed to them.

So, ensuring your home is presented in the best possible light is crucial.

Here’s what you need to do before our photographer arrives to capture the beauty of your home.

1.           Declutter

2.           Clean every surface

3.           Remove pet items

4.           Turn on the lights

5.           Make all the beds

6.           Hide all shoes, coats and outdoor wear

7.           Tidy the garden, terrace or balcony


When you visit a potential home, you want to envisage how it would look like when you live there.

By removing personal items, and ensuring surfaces such as the dining table, bathroom ledges and dressing tables are clear, you allow potential buyers the chance to see your home as theirs.

That doesn’t mean the house needs to be soulless, just looking spacious and depersonalised.

Clean well

The cleanliness of kitchens and bathrooms is essential in making a good first impression. Polish taps and mirrors so they shine.

In addition to a thorough clean, consider removing small appliances from work surfaces and counters.

Remove pet beds and toys

Pets may be your best friends but not every potential buyer wants to see (or smell) them. Clear away beds, cages and pet toys from all living spaces for the photo shoot. It is also advisable to keep them out of sight when viewers come to look round your home.

Turn on the lights

Make your home brighter and lighter by turning on all the lights. Lighting is an important aspect of photography. Make sure all the ceiling lights, lamps, and exterior lights work.

CPhotographer in the house ready to take pictures

Make all the beds

You would think this is obvious but sometimes the obvious is overlooked. Make sure all beds are made up, preferably with matching sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. This applies not just in the master bedroom but all secondary bedrooms.

Remember children’s rooms could become an adult’s room, so for the shoot at least, replace any children’s bedding with neutrals.

Hide shoes and outerwear

This is another form of decluttering. Having shoes and coats on display around the home makes it look as if there is a lack of storage space. You want people to feel your house has everything they need, including space for coats.

Tidy the exterior

Kerb appeal is crucial as first impressions really do count. Make sure your gardens or balcony are clean with no overgrown shrubs, trees or weeds. Sweep the doorways, clean and clear all cars from the road and driveway.

You want the space to look easy to maintain.

Final thoughts

Marketing your home through great photography is crucial to help you reach your asking price. Prepare your property for the photoshoot and positively impact the buyer’s opinion of your house.

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